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Rock-solid. Secure. Easy-to-use. Industrial-strength. Lightning-fast.

What do you look for in a database?

OpenBase SQL is the proven, affordable database server application that cuts development time and reduces total cost of ownership for business customers. Advanced, built-in features deliver high-speed access to structured data, fault-tolerance, stored procedures and so much more...

So you can concentrate on building solutions and performing business tasks - instead of worrying about the database.

FIGG builds bridges with OpenBase SQL

Figg Engineering Group (FIGG) builds bridges, literally, and with the public who use them. It began investigating OpenBase SQL after noticing it was the database that Apple used for its own WebObjects tutorial demos. Now FIGG trusts its project data to OpenBase SQL--and used it, with WebObjects, to build its award-winning intranet and extranet for better collaboration among team members and with the public.

Parliant answers the call with OpenBase SQL

Parliant's PhoneValet Message Center has won multiple industry awards, including "MacWorld Best of Show." The application leverages Apple Mac OS X voice recognition and speech synthesis technologies and OpenBase SQL relational database technology to turn telephones into remarkably useful digital assistants.

mFactory makes TV real with OpenBase SQL

It takes hours and hours and hours of footage, shot from multiple cameras, to capture the minutes that make up reality TV shows. mFactory uses built-in OpenBase SQL database features to develop distributed applications that enable multiple users to access and quickly search vast amounts of footage.

Box Office Tickets gives OpenBase SQL a standing ovation

"We wanted an infrastructure that can do whatever we need it to do--and scale with us as we grow," says George Domurot of Box Office Tickets, the online ticketing and event services provider. "There is nothing else in the marketplace that even remotely has the power of OpenBase SQL and WebObjects."

FlightArrivals.com takes flight with OpenBase SQL

FlightArrivals.com had a great idea: offer travelers a real-time, online flight information service. The business really took off. Now they rely on high-performance OpenBase SQL to process millions of requests per day.

LightSpeed POS rings up the sale with OpenBase SQL

LightSpeed POS is the ground-breaking Point-of-Sale system on Mac from Xsilva that is transforming retail operations. Check out how OpenBase SQL powers an intuitive iTunes-like interface and easy-to-use, information-rich features that help retailers of all kinds to increase their sales.

LA.com recommends OpenBase SQL

LA.com is the go-to guide for visitors and residents of Los Angeles. Launched in defiance of the dot.com bust, LA.com needed a database with power, versatility and clustering, but it didn't want to spend its development money on database administrators and per-processor database licenses. With OpenBase SQL, LA.com succeeds in leveraging the immediacy and interactivity of the Internet.